How To Improve Memory Power Naturally

Top 7 Tips To Improve Memory Power Naturally

Memory is an important part of establishing a strong groundwork for learning. Having a great memory can help you do better in your daily life, perform well in different places, and achieve better results.

There are a lot of changes in our world compared to the last 10 years ago situation and now, because the development of technology, all people are benefiting from that development, but on the other side, most people are losing their memory power using the internet, mobile, computer, etc.  Instant of human memory storage we are all using electronic equipment for immediate work. So that is the main reason for memory loss.

A common example for all people: – Earlier, we had remembered 100 mobile numbers in our brains, but now we sometimes do not remember the mobile number of our house properly. Among all these tasks you don’t even realize that your health is facing harmful effects. One of the bad side effects is that it weakens your memory power.

Read this below article and follow all steps definitely it will be helpful for your strong memory power

Do you have any idea about what your Memory is all about?

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If we talk about memory and its worth for human beings, we can look for the facts described by the doctors that the Human brain is the most complicated and multi-dimensional structure. According to them: –

  • The brain is the most important part of our life.
  • It weighs about 1.5 kg and is made up of 80% water, 10-12% fatty lipids, and 8% protein.
  • It’s the middle of our nervous system. It allows them to gather all the data and information send them to all body parts to follow the instructions and also store them as Memory for future implementation.
  • The human brain is just 2% of the total body weight.
  • It uses 20-25% of the body’s nutrition, glucose, and oxygen as health supplements, which are supplied with the help of continuing blood flow.

Is It Unusual To Forget Things?

The fact is that human brains and memory grow till maturity and then it gradually decreases and results in lapse of memory. It is very common and natural if memory power decreases after you cross the period of adulthood and you are not able to recall common things as you grow older, but if it happens to you in your young age then there must be some deficiency or any critical problem which has to be taken care.

What Are The Main Causes Of Memory Loss?

The most important cause of weak memory power is that you are not prepared for the tasks which you perform in your daily life. You are not following the schedule of your works and a systematic lifestyle. It brings you to become confused and later prone to forget things.

  • Addiction of taking too much medicine like sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants, antipsychotics, and painkillers can result in memory lapses.
  • Depression is one of the main reasons which can keep a negative effect on your memory. It can cause problems like lack of attention, awareness, etc.
  • A stressful style can also be a reason for very poor memory.
  • In some cases, anger could be a reason for the lack of memory. Tempers lead you to get irritated and so become confused.
  • If you neglect your emotional side of nature, this will also cause memory loss.
  • One of the main reasons is acquiring addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s a fact that the drug “marijuana” results in the decline of your memory power by which affects the hippocampus, an area that is responsible for memory development.

How Can We Develop Our Memory Power?

Forgetting your important things at home, forgetting the names of known people, or the last week we have done, it is normal to forget them. But if this happens frequently, then you have to do some treatment to think about it and improve your memory power. The following are the 10 most important solutions that should be included in your daily routine to increase your memory power.

1. Eating Habits

By following healthy eating habits you can solve the problems related to weak memory. You can change some items or add to the daily food that can help you improve your memory. Our brain requires constant glucose, which can be obtained from grains, green leafy vegetables, and colorful fruits. If the level of glucose falls, you become confused. Then add all these items to your daily food.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water, as a result of dehydration, can cause memory delay.
  • Eat enough citrus fruits because they have Vitamin C which is very useful in fixing the problem of memory deficiency.
  • Nuts and seeds can also be a great supplement for the problem. There are wonderful results of almonds in the increase in memory.
  • All green vegetables, especially spinach and broccoli, should be added to your diet.
  • Drink more milk because it will provide better concentration power, learning ability, memories, etc. So make a habit of drinking milk at least once a day.
  • Have tea at least once in a day. Caffeine contains a small amount of tea, which enhances memory power. Make sure you are not using the tea leaves powder because powder tea is not so effective.
  • All colorful/seasonal fruits should be accompanied by your daily food.
  • Your food should have whole grains.
  • Eat dark chocolates.

2. Get the right night’s sleep

Good night’s sleep plays an important role that strengthens all memories. You must have at least 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. When you are relaxing, your brain thinks well. A relaxed mind can focus more and store information that can be used in the future.

The proper night’s sleep can help you during work or study times. You will not feel sleepy in the day, which helps you get rid of confusion.

While sleeping you can create new ideas, because it comes at the time of sleeping knowledge and knowledge from different experiences. So follow the rule of good sleep at night.

3. Master some good skills

Studies say that if your brain is busy with some skills in which you have mastered or we can say that if you have a good hobby then you should use your spare time to practice that hobby.

For example, you can learn new languages, play musical instruments, learn new words, and more.

It can help you keep your brain energy at a good level. This can reduce the likelihood of dementia.

And thus protecting the risk of memory deficiency

4. Exercise More

As mentioned above, your brain requires continuous glucose, which can only be possible when there is a good flow of blood. This is possible when you do exercise regularly.

You can choose some exercise like swimming, dancing, dragging, running, cycling, etc. These exercises should be done for at least 30 minutes.

When using nerve cells, multiples and proteins are released which help in the continuous and healthy flow of blood. Consequently, the brain needs fuel on time, which works efficiently.

If you not getting the right time for exercise, then at least walk 10 minutes daily. It will be enough to keep your brain healthy.

5. Play mentally active / brain games

To be mentally fit you must play some games that keep your mind busy. It can be considered as a mental exercise that can help promote your memory and your brain will remain in good shape and mental state.

Try to include your brain in solving different types of puzzles. It will help to keep your mind active.

Focus on your surroundings to generate curiosity in your nature. This will help your mind to stay active, Therefore; there is less chance of a lack of mental capacity and a lack of memory.

6. Meditation

Meditation releases positive energy which is essential for your learning skills, improving memory power, and improving mental health.

Therefore, to set your mind in a peaceful position, you should do meditation a daily habit.

7. Balance your stress

Stress is the most dangerous reason to damage your brain’s ability to store and retrieve data and information. It can be considered the worst enemy of humans. It destroys brain cells which cannot take you to a permanent memory loss.

To establish a healthy environment for your brain, you need to avoid stress from your mind. Live in the real world, expect less, and provide your best in every work you do. Taking a break between different tasks is very important to be a stress-free life.

Keep some holiday times in addition to working. This will help you to relax. Instead of keeping whatever is in your mind, keep it in your mind, talk again and again.

Whenever you want to laugh loudly because laughter is also a practice to overcome stress. make fun with friends. Share your moments that can bring laughter. Spend most of your time with funny and interesting people. Avoid those who give you negative thoughts. And listen to jokes, share them, laugh with them to keep stress free lifestyle.

These were some simple activities and methods that you can follow in your daily life to keep your mind healthy and comfortable.

So if you are serious about improving your memory, then add these activities to your daily habits and start over.

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